October Maptime Meetup

October 26 @ 12PM

Prototek in Downtown OKC

401 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK

We are tossing away the tech for this month and doing some arts and crafts:

Hand Drawn Maps

October is going to be a fantastic and (hopefully) fun meetup to hand draw some maps

We will be taking a break from learning about map styles and cool map data to make our own maps.

We’ll provide the pencils and paper, just come hungry and get ready to have some fun!

Hope to see you all there!

Join us: Monday, Oct 26 2015

August Maptime Meetup

August 31 @ 12PM

Prototek in Downtown OKC

401 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK

After a short summer break from MaptimeOKC, we are back with a fantastic meetup:


August will be a great meetup where we get to learn about!

This is an organization that is helping collect GIS data from all around our State and provide it for free to everyone!

Lets support this great Open Data initiative and have a big crowd to learn all about it!

See you there!

Join us: Monday, Aug 31 2015

June Maptime Meetup!

June 29 @ 12PM

Prototek in Downtown OKC

401 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK

This month, Luke Simkins will be giving a presentation titled:


This talk will cover the basics of visualization on the web.

Maps are great at allowing quick interpretation of large amounts of information. There are a large number of web-based tools that make creating visualizations easy. This talk will show off a few of these tools, such as d3 and leaflet. We’ll also touch on some of the most common types of visualizations and best practices when creating them.

See you there!

Join us: Monday, Jun 29 2015

May Maptime Meetup!

May 28 @ 12PM

Prototek in Downtown OKC

401 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK

MaptimeOKC has grown so fast it has been amazing! Therefore, we are happy to let you all know that this month’s meeting will be moving to Prototek in Oklahoma City.

This month, Blake Thompson will be giving a presentation titled:


This talk will cover some basic problems problems that people encounter when hosting a GIS application. It aims to provide a deeper understanding of how data in GIS applications are organized and how they affect the resulting applications produced.

The talk is aimed at providing an introduction to GIS data for all skill levels so don’t worry if you have little to no experience.

We also will have some time set aside during the meeting to talk about how we can better support our community through mapping. So bring your ideas about how we can better partner with other organizations in our area for the good of our community!

See you there!

Join us: Thursday, May 14 2015

Mapping Areas With Tornado Damage

Today in Oklahoma City area has been pretty wild and I know that many people are tired of hearing the sirens. However, the mapping community can do a great service for people like the Red Cross by providing mapping of areas that might have recieved damage from the wide spread outbreak today.

If you are interested in mapping out an area, it is really simple and you can do it through the Openstreetmap site. Once you have a login you use the iD editor on the site to start helping right away.

If you have never mapped before there is a great introduction to mapping out there for you to learn.

What to Map

Currently the most important thing to map will be structures and roads that are missing or incorrect in areas. We should put emphasis on mapping areas that are more rural as these are areas where resources will be less likely to know if a structure exists, and where a road might lead.

Where to Map

The most important area to map currently would be the rural areas surrounding Bridge Creek, OK. I have a rough estimation of where you might focus your mapping for now.

Save Often

As other mappers might be working in the same areas as you, it is important to save early and often. To track our progress, I encourage everyone to save with a comment tag (just like twitter) of #maptimeOKC.

Thanks for helping out!

Posted May 06 2015 by Blake Thompson