Mapping Areas With Tornado Damage

Today in Oklahoma City area has been pretty wild and I know that many people are tired of hearing the sirens. However, the mapping community can do a great service for people like the Red Cross by providing mapping of areas that might have recieved damage from the wide spread outbreak today.

If you are interested in mapping out an area, it is really simple and you can do it through the Openstreetmap site. Once you have a login you use the iD editor on the site to start helping right away.

If you have never mapped before there is a great introduction to mapping out there for you to learn.

What to Map

Currently the most important thing to map will be structures and roads that are missing or incorrect in areas. We should put emphasis on mapping areas that are more rural as these are areas where resources will be less likely to know if a structure exists, and where a road might lead.

Where to Map

The most important area to map currently would be the rural areas surrounding Bridge Creek, OK. I have a rough estimation of where you might focus your mapping for now.

Save Often

As other mappers might be working in the same areas as you, it is important to save early and often. To track our progress, I encourage everyone to save with a comment tag (just like twitter) of #maptimeOKC.

Thanks for helping out!